Can I get my child a passport?

Typically, both parents must appear for a child to get a passport (along with the necessary proof of citizenship, photos, application and fee.) If both parents don’t apply together in person, one parent may sign the consent before a notary and provide to the parent who will be applying. Quite simple, unless the parents do not agree on whether the child will receive a passport, who will hold onto the passport and when travel overseas will be permitted.

What if you can’t get the other parent’s consent? There is a form you can use in such exigent circumstances, and be sure to attach any relevant court orders. The order should state the parent can obtain a passport, as opposed to just having sole legal custody. It is also possible to have the passport held in the court’s Registry for good cause. You should also review your custody order or parenting plan to be sure you are in compliance if you are required to provide advance notice or itineraries to the other parent. Questions about traveling with your child overseas and other travel restrictions? Call today, well before your planned and much-needed vacation!

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